With empathy and solidarity


-Ordinary life environment
-Extended upholding of autonomy and comfort
-Progressive and personalized support


Of a strong connection with caregivers


-Privileged relationships with professionals from the liberal sector, from the hospitals and home-care services and staff
-Associations, administrations and families


Assistance and activities


-Assistance and maximum protection
-Shared services and activities


Thanks to group housing


-The group housing is evolving in accordance with the patients needs
-Autonomy is maintained as well as individual freedom while offering shared living areas


Of cognitive and physical abilities


-Various activities (games, art-therapy, drama, music, adapted sports…)
-Activities organized by professional facilitators
-Outdoors trips to communicate with the close environment and to keep a social connection with the outside world


Of patients on a daily basis


-Home assistants are present continuously in order to coach, support and secure patients
-Respect of shared rules and attitudes conducive to «living together»