Un palier deux toits who are we ?

to counter the isolation​

And avoid becoming dependent
on caregivers

Promote well-being

To combat the development
of symptoms

Living independently

For those who want to stay longer home

Stay active

stimulating activities shared
within inclusive housing

How it works ?

Tenant of an individual apartment or in small collocation of 3 or 4, the person is in a grouped accommodation, not medicalized but can be assisted when it needs, by the team of auxiliaries of social life permanently present thanks to the pooling of compensatory services of the tenants present.

Who is it for?

For young adults with neuro-progressive diseases who want to come together to live independently with a social and shared life.
Temporary shelters and respite possible.

Are you concerned?

Want to support us?

Becoming a member or donor, you will participate in the development of the project and allow it to acquire the tools necessary for its communication.

Our partners in this adventure!