Respond to the needs of young adults, with neuro-evolving diseases (such as Huntington, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, etc …) , who wish to choose an ordinary living environment, surrounded by “extra-ordinary” people; where autonomy in the group housing and co-education encourage the sharing of human resources and care.

And it can also facilitate activities and social relationships, which are lost when their disabilities isolate them from their professional lives or cause family breakdowns.

Concerned public :

Patients with neuro-progressive diseases, able to respect common rules of life, whose psychiatric symptoms do not contradict life in ordinary society, wanting to live in individual housing, regrouped around services and common places.

Functioning of the group housing :

The group housing allows an evolutionary functioning for each resident, adapted to the needs and evolutions of the states of each resident. The architectural project consists of approximately four T2 apartments, and a type T4 apartment, a large central building on a secure and handicap-adapted area, each with a private outdoor space, terrace or garden (allowing the reception of a small pet). The location of this shared residence is determined by the service offerings, the surrounding businesses, the social and medical services. The pooling of partial or total aids allows the continuous presence of life aids on the site, for a careful management.

The services SAVS and SAMSA can intervene when needed. Besides, the independent interventions of paramedics or doctors can complete this organization, and reinforce solidarity. The functioning is also based on the diversity of audiences, in order to avoid the mirroring of distressing symptoms and to develop openness to others.

Diversity of needs :

The individual apartments are reserved for long-term residents, feeling at home in this environment and being compatible with the rules of living together in shared apartment buildings.
The T4 apartment with several rooms has a dual purpose.
It can serve as a temporary respite home, made available for a few weeks, for an outside

It can also be a place of reflexion or transit for a patient of the group housing who experiences difficulty living alone and prepares to choose a more medicalized care. The transition is softer and accepted as a choice. The group housing is a living environment where everyone can find a responsive and caring staff and infirmary. The large central building offers communal areas and the possibility to
share various activities (art therapy, computer, theater, sophrology, conferences, exhibitions, physio ….) The outdoor spaces allow the development of creativity in regard to nature and health (gardening, exercising, etc …)
An optimized emotional stability and well-being with a good quality of life are the greatest barriers to the invasion of the disease.
Let’s offer them an ordinary life, in the midst of all this …