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The city of Pézenas has registered the project “One landing, two roofs” in a real estate social program being validated.
After several meetings with the various protagonists of the operation, the first plans are revealed here.

This residence of 18 social housing integrated into the city will allow the inclusion in the ground floor of housing as it is planned: 3 T2-type housing, a large roommate of 4 people, a room of various activities on a parcel of green space. Rents granted will be based on social criteria.

It is with impatience that we await the continuation of this operation very interesting financially, since carried by a social lessor.
Two aspects however forced us to think in parallel with another project (identical in its operation) and we turn towards an acquisition for :

  • To allow excluded persons because of their income higher than the limits required by the first housing units
  • To respond to the sensitivity and / or vulnerability of certain profiles wishing for a more limited inclusion (surrounded by a few neighbors only)
    The association makes every effort to collect funding, responds to calls for projects, grant applications and calls for support of all kinds (donations, solidarity savings …)
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